MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program: A Beginner’s Guide

MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program

Are you a makeup enthusiast looking to turn your passion into profit? Look no further than the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program.

As one of the leading beauty brands in the industry, MAC offers a generous commission structure and a wide range of high-quality products that are sure to attract customers.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of joining the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program and how it can help you monetize your love for makeup.

So grab your brushes and get ready to earn some serious cash with MAC!

Does MAC Cosmetics have an Affiliate Program?

Does MAC Cosmetics have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, MAC Cosmetics offers an affiliate program. Through this program, you can earn commissions by referring people to shop on MAC Cosmetics’ website.

What is the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program?

The MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program, run through Flexoffers, is a popular choice for skincare enthusiasts to earn commissions by promoting MAC’s high-quality products. With a wide range of makeup and skincare items, affiliates can leverage MAC’s strong reputation to monetize their platforms.

If you’re a skincare influencer or beauty blogger, you can earn money by endorsing top-tier skincare products. The MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program offers competitive commission rates and marketing support. They also have a variety of marketing materials from brands like Sephora that you can use to promote their products.

How Does the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program Work?

If you’re a beauty influencer, you can join the MAC Affiliate Program. You’ll get unique tracking links to share on your site and social media. When someone uses your link to buy something, you get about 4-10% per sale. MAC also offers reporting tools to track clicks, earnings, and analytics.

It’s a performance-based program that rewards affiliates for driving sales of MAC products through various marketing strategies, such as Instagram channels or Pinterest campaigns, making it a lucrative opportunity for those who effectively promote MAC Cosmetics products to their audience.

Who should join the MAC Cosmetics affiliate program?

If you’re a beauty blogger, influencer or content creator with an engaged audience, the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program is ideal for you. To get approved, focus on makeup, beauty, fashion and lifestyle content catering to enthusiasts who love trying out new products. It’s perfect for those who often feature MAC products like beauty product reviews, makeup tutorials and hauls.

By using text links, banners and product recommendations in relevant content, you can effectively promote MAC Cosmetics and increase your affiliate earnings through blogs and social media. Make sure to read the program’s terms and conditions before applying to ensure that you meet all of the requirements.

Familiarize yourself with the program guidelines for a successful partnership with any affiliate program.. If you are interested in joining the MAC Cosmetics affiliate program, be sure to read the program’s terms and conditions to familiarize yourself with the guidelines and requirements before filling out the application form.

How do I join the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program?

Joining the MAC Cosmetics affiliate program is easy!

Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the MAC Cosmetics affiliate website.
  2. Read and understand the program’s terms and conditions.
  3. Fill out the application form with your website URL, how you plan to promote MAC, and who your audience is.
  4. Submit your application and wait a few days for approval.
  5. Once approved, you’ll get access to your affiliate dashboard with unique links and banners.
  6. Start promoting MAC Cosmetics on your website, blog, or social media using your affiliate links.

By following these steps, you can join the MAC Cosmetics affiliate program and begin earning commissions through your promotions.

Is there a Fee to Join the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program?

There is no fee to join the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program. You simply need to submit an application and be approved to start promoting MAC products and earning commissions.

The MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program Details and Commission Rates

The MAC Cosmetics affiliate program is a hit among skincare bloggers. Its great commission rates and cookie durations make it a favorite choice for many bloggers.

Program Categories:

  • Beauty
  • Makeup
  • Skin Care

Commission Rate:

  • About 4-10% Per Sale


Commission Rate





Not listed



8% online sale

Not listed




7 days

United States



7 days




Not listed



Cookie Duration:

  • 7 Days

What Can you Promote as an MAC Cosmetics Affiliate?

What Can you Promote as an MAC Cosmetics Affiliate?

Here are some popular MAC cosmetics products that you could promote as an affiliate:

  1. Lipsticks – Retro Matte Lipstick, Powder Kiss Lipstick, Love Me Lipstick
  2. Lip Glosses – Lipglass, Cremesheen Glass, Dazzleglass
  3. Foundations – Studio Fix Fluid Foundation, Studio Fix Powder Foundation, Face & Body Foundation
  4. Concealers – Pro Longwear Concealer, Studio Fix Concealer
  5. Powders – Mineralize Skinfinish, Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder
  6. Blushes – Powder Blush, Mineralize Blush, Extra Dimension Skinfinish
  7. Eyeshadows – Eyeshadow singles, Eyeshadow palettes (e.g. Soft Glam, Art Library)
  8. Eyeliners – Gel Eyeliner, Liquidlast Liner, Kohl Eyeliner
  9. Mascaras – In Extreme Dimension Mascara, Up For Everything Lash
  10. Brushes – Individual brushes, brush sets
  11. Primers – Prep + Prime Primer, Fix+ Setting Spray
  12. Highlighters – Mineralize Skinfinish Highlighter, Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighter

Promoting MAC’s cult classics and latest product launches as an affiliate can be lucrative!

Is the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program worth it?

Yes, the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program is worth it for beauty enthusiasts seeking to monetize their passion.

With competitive commissions, global reach, and the appeal of MAC’s renowned products and brand recognition, affiliates can effectively leverage their love for makeup and artistry to generate significant income through ongoing commissions and exclusive promotions.

In fact, the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program is a great option for those looking to combine their passion for beauty with a rewarding affiliate marketing experience, especially with the provided promotional materials that can further enhance your earning potential and provide valuable insights into consumer behavior.

However, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks of the program, such as strict brand guidelines and limited product offerings, specifically in terms of complexion products, before deciding if it is the right fit for you in the affiliate marketing space.

Pros of the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program

Here are some of the key pros and benefits of joining the MAC Cosmetics affiliate program:

  1. Established brand with global recognition and appeal
  2. 4-10% commission rate on sales
  3. Access to exclusive promotions and limited edition products
  4. Creative marketing assets provided
  5. No cost to join the program

Cons of the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program

Here are some potential downsides to consider about the MAC Cosmetics affiliate program:

  1. Short 7-day cookie duration
  2. High sales volume required to meet payout threshold of $25-$1000
  3. Long payout timeline of over 30 days.

How to Make $1000 per Month as an MAC Cosmetics Affiliate?

To make $1000 per month with the MAC affiliate program, you would need to consistently drive a high volume of qualified traffic and sales to the MAC website through your affiliate links.

This may require having a large engaged audience and social media following in the beauty space, frequently creating MAC focused content, and promoting the most popular MAC products through multiple platforms. Building an authoritative website or YouTube channel focused on MAC reviews could also help drive substantial commissions through various payment methods.

Should you Become an MAC Cosmetics Affiliate?

Should you Become an MAC Cosmetics Affiliate?

Becoming an MAC Cosmetics affiliate could be a good way to earn commissions by promoting their makeup products.

As a makeup artist, you already have a built-in audience who trusts your recommendations and expertise. By becoming an MAC Cosmetics affiliate, you can offer your clients and followers a trusted source for high-quality makeup products that cater to diverse skin tones and preferences.

With its origins in Toronto, Canada, and now expanding to the United States, MAC Cosmetics has become a global brand, loved by celebrities and everyday makeup enthusiasts alike.

It offers potential income with the added benefit of promoting products you personally use and believe in, making it a great opportunity for your target audience.

Tips to Succeed in the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program

Here are some tips to help you succeed as a MAC Cosmetics affiliate:

  1. Focus on new product launches – Promote new collections and limited editions quickly before they sell out. Capitalize on the hype.
  2. Compare MAC products to competitors – Draw comparisons to other brands to highlight MAC’s advantages.
  3. Create makeup tutorials and demos – Visual content showing MAC products in action performs well.
  4. Leverage MAC’s social media – Share and repurpose MAC’s own posts and videos to amplify reach.
  5. Use high-quality product images – Only use official MAC product shots provided to you. Images drive clicks.
  6. Target the holiday season – Promote MAC gift sets and best-sellers for seasonal sales spikes.
  7. Review specific shades for different skin tones – Provide color-specific recommendations for your audience.
  8. Give honest reviews – Don’t hype mediocre products. Authentic opinions build trust.
  9. Publish time-sensitive content – Capitalize on trends like Fashion Week or awards show beauty looks.
  10. Promote free shipping and GWP offers – Special deals and sales incentivize purchase.
  11. Don’t over-rely on coupon sites – Focus more on high-quality content that converts readers.
  12. Segment your audience – Tailor recommendations for makeup beginners vs. pros based on skills.

Driving traffic through engaging content and capitalizing on new launches and seasonal sales opportunities can lead to affiliate success with MAC.

Alternatives to the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program

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Is the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program Real?

Yes, the MAC Cosmetics affiliate program is legitimate. It allows people to earn commissions by promoting MAC products through links on their own websites or social media. You get a percentage of sales made through your links.

Can I join the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program if I don’t have a website?

No, you need to have your own website or social media account to join the MAC Cosmetics affiliate program. The program requires you to direct traffic to MAC’s website through your own platform to earn commissions on sales. Without a website or social media account, you have no way to publish affiliate links or provide an email address for communication and updates regarding the program.

Is the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program open to International Affiliates?

Yes, the MAC Cosmetics affiliate program is open to international affiliates. You can promote MAC products and earn commissions no matter what country you live in. The program is global and not limited to any specific regions.

Can I Promote MAC Cosmetics on Social Media Platforms?

Yes, you can promote MAC Cosmetics products on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. through the affiliate program. Just make sure to use your unique affiliate links when posting so you get credit for any sales generated.

Where can I Promote MAC Cosmetics as an Affiliate?

As a MAC Cosmetics affiliate, you can promote their products on your own website, social media accounts, YouTube, blogs, email newsletters, or any other platform where you have an audience. Just use your unique affiliate links whenever promoting MAC products.

Are there any Specific Rules for using MAC Cosmetics Brand Images and Logos?

Yes, there are strict rules around using MAC Cosmetics’ brand images and logos as an affiliate. You must follow their brand guidelines and only use approved assets. Never modify or create your own MAC branded imagery.

Can I use MAC Cosmetics Images on my Website?

As a MAC affiliate, you cannot use their copyrighted brand images on your own website. You can only use text links and approved banner creatives provided in their affiliate center to promote MAC products.

Can I Promote MAC Cosmetics on Websites or Platforms with Adult Content?

No, MAC Cosmetics does not allow their products to be promoted on websites or platforms that feature adult content. Their affiliate terms prohibit promoting their brand on sites with inappropriate material.

Is there a Minimum Sales Requirement to remain an Active MAC Cosmetics Affiliate?

Yes, to remain an active MAC affiliate you must generate at least 1 sale every 6 months. If you go longer without a sale your account will be considered inactive and could face termination.

Can I use MAC Cosmetics Trademarked Terms in my Domain Name or Social Media Handles?

No, MAC Cosmetics does not allow the use of any of their trademarked terms, like MAC or Mac Cosmetics, in your own domain names or social media handles when participating in their affiliate program. This is to prevent brand impersonation.

Does MAC Cosmetics offer Affiliate Training or Support Materials?

Yes, MAC Cosmetics provides training and support materials to help affiliates promote their products effectively. This includes brand guidelines, pre-approved creatives, and access to their affiliate team for any questions.

Can I Promote MAC Cosmetics Products through Email Marketing?

Yes, you can promote MAC Cosmetics products through email marketing campaigns as an affiliate. Just be sure to follow anti-spam laws, disclose your affiliation, and only send emails to subscribers who opted-in.

Are there Restrictions on Where I can Promote MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Links?

Yes, MAC prohibits promoting affiliate links on coupon sites, cashback sites, bookmarking sites, or domains that MAC considers questionable. Read their terms to ensure your promotion strategies are allowed.

Can I use my Affiliate Link to make Purchases for Myself or Friends?

No, MAC Cosmetics prohibits affiliates from using their own affiliate links to purchase products for themselves or friends and family to earn commissions. This would be against the terms of their program.

How can I Track the Performance of my MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Links?

MAC provides affiliates access to an online affiliate dashboard to track performance. You can view your clicks, impressions, sales, commissions, and other metrics in real time to optimize your campaigns.

Is it Possible to get M.A.C Cosmetics Franchise?

No, M.A.C Cosmetics does not offer traditional franchising opportunities. However, you can become an authorized retailer through their selective distribution network if you meet their criteria.

Why is MAC Makeup not as Popular as it once was?

MAC Cosmetics is not as popular as it once was due to increased competition from trendy, digital-first makeup brands. MAC also has an outdated store design and hasn’t innovation their products enough recently.


The MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program is an excellent opportunity for beauty enthusiasts and influencers to monetize their platforms.

With a generous commission rate and a wide range of products to promote, joining the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program can be a rewarding endeavor.

Whether you have a blog, YouTube channel, or social media following, this program allows you to earn commissions by recommending MAC Cosmetics products to your audience.

By leveraging your platform and sharing your love for MAC Cosmetics, you can not only earn money but also contribute to the success of this iconic brand.

So why wait? Join the MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program today and start turning your passion for beauty into profit.

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