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Chewy Affiliate Program: Make $1000 per month

Chewy Affiliate Program

Do you love pets and want to earn some extra cash? Consider joining Chewy’s affiliate program. Chewy is a popular online store that sells pet supplies, including food, toys, and more. By becoming a Chewy affiliate, you can earn a commission on sales made through your referral links.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the program details, how to join, products to promote, payment information, and more in this blog. Let’s start earning as a Chewy affiliate today!

Does Chewy Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, Chewy does have an affiliate program. You can join through the Partnerize platform if you’re a content creator interested in pet-related topics or through the Shelters and Rescues Network if you run a non-profit organization.

What is the Chewy Affiliate Program?

What is the Chewy Affiliate Program?

Chewy has an affiliate program called Chewy’s Affiliate Program. You can earn money by promoting their products through affiliate links. Once you apply and get approved, you’ll receive your unique link, access to a dashboard to track earnings, and use Partnerize. You get 4% commission on sales and bonuses for new customer orders and referrals. It’s an easy way to earn money by sharing about Chewy’s pet products and a good alternative to Amazon Associates.

Is the Chewy Affiliate Program Free?

Yes, the Chewy Affiliate Program is free to join and participate in. You can sign up without any cost, and there are no fees associated with cashing out your earnings. While you may incur expenses for creating and promoting content, there are no charges from Chewy for being part of their affiliate program.

How to Join the Chewy Affiliate Program?

To join Chewy Affiliate Program, go to their website and click on “Affiliates” or “Partner with Us.” If you’re not an affiliate yet, click on “Sign Up” or “Join Now,” fill the form with your details, and explain how you’ll promote Chewy.

Review program rules carefully before submitting your application. Chewy will contact you for more details if needed. Once approved, access the affiliate dashboard and get links, banners, etc. to promote Chewy’s products.

Promote Chewy through blogs, social media, or emails and earn money when people buy through your links. Keep track of earnings by checking the dashboard regularly.

What Products Can You Promote with the Chewy Affiliate Program?

What Products Can You Promote with the Chewy Affiliate Program?

Chewy, an online pet store established in 2011, offers products from over 2,000 brands. Pet owners spend a significant amount on their pets, with dog owners spending $1,300 to $2,800 in the first year and cat owners spending $1,000 to $2,500 annually.

As pet spending is expected to rise, it presents a lucrative market for affiliate marketers. With Chewy’s extensive product selection, affiliates can earn commissions on a variety of items.

Food and Treats

Pet food is a big market, worth $54 billion. People are spending extra for high-quality food tailored to their pets’ needs. You can talk about pet nutrition to promote food or share links for treats, dental chews, and other goodies to earn commissions.


Toys usually don’t cost much, but people often buy them on a whim. Chewy has nearly 4,000 toys for dogs and over 1,300 for cats available.


The pet supplement market might reach $3.2 billion by 2030, growing quicker than supplements for humans. Chewy offers supplements for pets, horses, and farm animals. You can talk about issues like allergies or arthritis to promote these products to your audience.

Litter Boxes

Over 38% of homes have a cat. Cat litter is something cat owners always need, and many are choosing self-cleaning litter boxes now. The market for these is growing fast, by more than 5%. Even though they cost more, promoting self-cleaning litter boxes could be worthwhile.

Tanks and Terrariums

Chewy has tanks, terrariums, and supplies for fish, reptiles, and small animals. If you know how to care for these pets, you can suggest heating products, lighting, bedding, filters, and other essentials.

Other Things You Can Promote with the Chewy Affiliate Program

Here are more things you can check out:

  1. Potty pads for puppies
  2. Bowls, feeders, and water fountains
  3. Grooming items
  4. Flea and tick protection
  5. Leashes, collars, and harnesses
  6. Pet clothes and costumes
  7. Cleaning supplies
  8. Bird cages
  9. Books
  10. Supplies for farm animals
  11. Supplies for beekeeping

What Products Are Excluded from the Chewy Affiliate Program?

Chewy doesn’t specify which items are included in the program, but it seems like everything they sell could be eligible. However, products needing a vet’s prescription might not be part of the affiliate program.

The Chewy Affiliate Program Details and Commission Rates

Many pet bloggers like the Chewy affiliate program because it offers good commission rates and keeps cookies active for a long time.

Program Categories:

  • Pet food
  • Treats
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Grooming products
  • Cleaning products
  • Pet accessories
  • Pet Toys

Commission Structure:

The Chewy affiliate program will pay you $15 when a new customer, who has never bought from Chewy before, purchases something on their site using your link. Although Chewy says it pays 4% commissions on existing and new orders, this information is not true. It is essential to research Chewy thoroughly before beginning to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Cookie Duration:

  • 15 Days

How to Earn Money Promoting Chewy?

Alright, now that we’ve covered how to become a Chewy affiliate, let’s chat about the various ways you can make some extra cash with the program.

Create a Pet Niche Website

To become a Chewy affiliate and earn money, you’ll need a website. If you don’t have one, creating a pet-focused site involves writing articles for pet lovers and mentioning Chewy products. By including special links in these articles, you can earn a commission when someone clicks on them and makes a purchase.

Launch a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great platform to promote Chewy with its abundance of pet-related videos. To succeed as a Chewy affiliate on YouTube, create pet-focused videos and include a special Chewy link in the video’s description. It’s that simple!

Promote Chewy Website Via Social Media Accounts

Chewy has an affiliate program that can earn you $1000 per month in affiliate revenue. You can talk about Chewy on YouTube and other social media platforms. Each platform has different rules, so it’s best to use more than one.

For example, Instagram doesn’t allow special links, but Pinterest does. Social media rules change often, so having a website is the most reliable way to promote Chewy.

How Payments Work for Chewy Affiliates?

Payouts are easy.

You just go to your affiliate dashboard whenever you want and ask for a payment.

How Do You Get Paid from Chewy?

To get paid from Chewy, you’ll need to provide your bank account details when signing up. After Chewy verifies your account, you can request payments through bank deposits, which are the quickest option with minimal fees. Alternatively, if you prefer not to share bank details, you can request paper checks, though they may take a bit longer to arrive.

When Does Chewy Pay Affiliates?

Chewy affiliates need to request payment themselves from their affiliate dashboard as there’s no set payment schedule.

You become eligible for payment when your account balance hits $50.

What Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools Are Available?

In your affiliate dashboard, you’ll discover various marketing materials and useful guides provided by Chewy. These include banners, graphics, and more, which you can use to enhance your affiliate links and showcase special promotions effectively.

Featuring the recognizable Chewy logo prominently, these materials help establish credibility and professionalism. Additionally, Chewy offers a wealth of videos and guides to support your success in affiliate marketing.

With different deals and incentives available, such as free shipping on orders over $49 or Buy One Get One 50% off offers, you can highlight these advantages to attract potential customers.

Why Choose Chewy for Affiliate Marketing?

Chewy is a beloved pet company known for great service, timely deliveries, and love for animals. Becoming a Chewy affiliate can help establish your brand as dependable. You can promote various pet products to cater to different owners’ needs. Chewy offers lots of items, from food to medicine. Their commission rates are competitive and let you earn money through sales made from your links. Marketing pet-related products via Chewy’s program can be profitable. They provide banners, text links, and product lists to help you market effectively.

Is the Chewy Affiliate Program Worth It?

If you have a pet-loving audience, the Chewy affiliate program can be profitable for you. You can earn between 2-10% commission on Chewy sales by promoting them through your website, social media, or other platforms. This is an opportunity to tap into the growing online pet supply market and convert promotions into substantial affiliate earnings if you have enough relevant traffic. Building an email list is crucial to stay connected with your audience and maximize your earnings.

Offering something valuable in exchange for their email address is a great way to create this list. Email marketing can be a valuable tool for promoting Chewy products online and it has been proven to deliver the highest ROI when done correctly.

Pros of the Chewy Affiliate Program

Here are some of the key pros and advantages of Chewy’s affiliate program:

  1. High Commissions – Chewy offers generous commissions, ranging from 5-15% on most purchases depending on the category. For a pet retailer, these are quite substantial.
  2. Recurring Revenue – Pet food and supplies lend themselves well to repeat purchases and auto-ship options. As a Chewy affiliate, you can potentially earn commissions from the same customers making recurring purchases month after month.
  3. Established Brand – Chewy is now one of the largest online pet product retailers. Its brand and website draw a lot of organic traffic, which translates to built-in potential for affiliates to convert.
  4. Coupons & Promos – Chewy routinely offers percent-off and dollar-amount-off promo codes and other discounts. These promos can boost conversion rates and order values, which nets bigger commissions.
  5. Wide Selection – With over 2,000 brands and 70,000+ items, Chewy carries one of the largest pet product selections online covering every category. This extensive catalog gives affiliates plenty to potentially promote.

Cons of the Chewy Affiliate Program

Despite the many positives of Chewy’s affiliate program, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider as well:

  1. Low Search Commissions – While Chewy pays well for sales driven through coupon/promo code websites or influencers, commissions on sales from organic searches are much lower at only 1-2%.
  2. Cookie Duration Issues – Chewy has a relatively short cookie duration window of only 24 hours. This requires driving final clicks to the sale within a small 1-day timeframe to earn commissions.
  3. Order Processing Time – Chewy sometimes takes days to process and ship orders. This delay getting credit for pending sales makes optimizing campaigns challenging.
  4. High Advertising Costs – Driving a lot of paid traffic to a mass ecommerce site like Chewy can require big ad budgets to maintain positive ROI, squeezing margins.
  5. Lack of Tools – Affiliate promoting Chewy don’t get access to reporting or tracking beyond a barebones affiliate interface for viewing earnings. More software integrations and attribution insights would be useful.

Tips to Succeed in the Chewy Affiliate Program

Here are tips for succeeding as an affiliate marketer in Chewy’s affiliate program:

  1. Promote Their Repeat Delivery Service – Encourage sign-ups for Chewy’s Autoship repeat delivery. The recurring revenue from auto-ship purchases earns higher lifetime commissions.
  2. Develop Pet Influencer Partnerships – Recruit pet influencers on Instagram and TikTok with loyal audiences to create Chewy hauls and testimonials. These earn higher rates over generic traffic.
  3. Target New Pet Parents – New dog and cat owners stocking up on everything they need makes an ideal buyer demographic. Segment marketing and create custom new pet parent offers.
  4. Make Coupon Sites Your Focus – Driving coupon code traffic that converts earns substantially higher commissions than search traffic. Maintain an up-to-date feed of Chewy promo codes.
  5. Maximize Seasonal Opportunities – Capitalize on major pet retail seasons around summer travel season, back-to-school, holidays when pet spending is highest. Up promotional efforts accordingly.

What is the Best Alternative to the Chewy Affiliate Program?

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How do I Get a Chewy Affiliate Link?

To join the Chewy affiliate program, visit the Chewy affiliate page online or the Partnerize website. Fill out the application form, providing all necessary details and agreeing to the terms and conditions. Once approved, you’ll receive your affiliate link.

Does Chewy Work with Influencers?

Chewy collaborates with influencers to showcase their products through high-quality content. This partnership allows Chewy to reach different types of influencers who meet their standards, as their followers trust their opinions about Chewy.

How Often are Affiliate Commissions Paid Out?

Commissions are usually paid monthly, but Chewy’s payment schedule is subject to change. Affiliates should refer to the terms and conditions for precise information.

Are there any Restrictions on where I can Promote Chewy Products?

Chewy wants affiliates to talk about its products on different online platforms like websites, social media, and email.

But it’s important to follow Chewy’s rules and guidelines when promoting their stuff.

Does Chewy provide Affiliate Support?

Yes, Chewy usually helps its affiliates.

This might mean giving them access to resources, materials to promote products, and teams that support affiliates.

Can I Track my Performance and Earnings as an Affiliate?

Yes, Chewy gives affiliates tools to keep track of how they’re doing.

These tools help them see things like how many people they’ve referred and how much money they’ve made.

Is the Chewy Affiliate Program open to International Affiliates?

Whether the Chewy Affiliate Program is open to international affiliates can change.

It’s a good idea to look at the program’s terms and conditions to see if you meet the criteria to join.

Are there any Costs associated with Joining the Chewy Affiliate Program?

Joining the Chewy Affiliate Program is free. Affiliates can sign up and start promoting Chewy’s products without any upfront cost.

Does Chewy Provide Support and Resources for Affiliates?

Chewy supports its affiliates with resources, including an affiliate program manager for inquiries and access to banner ads, text links, product feeds, and basic performance reporting. However, the program is self-service without extensive software tools or educational content.

What Types of Promotional Materials does Chewy offer to Affiliates?

As an affiliate for Chewy, you get helpful things like banners, links, and lists of their products. These tools can make promoting Chewy easier and bring more people to their website.

Can International Affiliates join the Chewy Affiliate Program?

Chewy’s affiliate program is open to international publishers and partners. However, Chewy only ships products within the United States. International affiliates can join and earn commissions by targeting US-based customers. They won’t earn commissions on sales outside the US.

How can I Track my Performance and Earnings as a Chewy Affiliate?

Chewy provides affiliates with access to a basic affiliate dashboard for tracking earnings and sales performance. Partners can view their latest commissions, number of sales, clicks, and see which products are converting best.

However, the reporting is relatively basic – there are no detailed analytics on traffic sources, attribution, or customizeable reports.

Affiliates must rely on the summary data within the Chewy affiliate platform to optimize and monitor their campaigns. Implementing separate affiliate tracking and analytics software is recommended to supplement the limited built-in reporting.

Types of Chewy Affiliates

The Chewy Affiliate Program is open to affiliates from different backgrounds and platforms.

You can pick the kind of affiliate that matches your style based on your niche, audience, and how you promote things.

Here are some common types of Chewy affiliates:

  1. Pet bloggers play a crucial role in the Chewy affiliate network, providing valuable insights on pet care, training, and product reviews while integrating Chewy recommendations to earn commissions.
  2. Social media influencers showcase pets and share pet-related content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, leveraging their large following to promote Chewy products. YouTube reviewers create videos showcasing and reviewing various pet products, including those from Chewy, earning money through special links in video descriptions.
  3. Niche websites focusing on specific pet breeds, training, or health can also benefit from the Chewy Affiliate Program by providing detailed information and recommending products to a targeted audience.
  4. Coupon and deal sites promote the latest discounts and special deals from online stores, including Chewy.
  5. Email marketers create personalized newsletters and campaigns to showcase products, including Chewy recommendations.
  6. Pet rescuers and advocates can join the Chewy Affiliate Program to earn money while supporting rescue efforts by recommending Chewy as a place to get pet supplies.

Effective Promotion Strategies

To do well with the Chewy Affiliate Program, you need to plan carefully. Here are some good ways to promote it and make more money:

Content Marketing

Blog Posts: Write blog posts about pet care, product reviews, and tips, and include Chewy affiliate links naturally. Ensure your recommendations are relevant and helpful to your audience.

Video Reviews: Create video reviews on your YouTube channel showcasing Chewy’s pet products, highlighting their benefits for pets and owners. Include Chewy affiliate links in the video description to earn commissions from viewers who purchase through them.

Social Media Promotion

Increase visibility and engagement by sharing pet and Chewy product images and videos on visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Use relevant hashtags for more views. Engage with your audience through high-quality content and respond to comments, ask questions, and host polls and contests. Encourage them to explore Chewy’s products through your affiliate links to earn commissions.

Email Marketing

For pet lovers on your email list, send newsletters featuring Chewy promotions, highlighted products, and special discounts. Use engaging subject lines to increase email open rates. To boost click-through and conversion rates, segment your email list based on subscribers’ pet preferences and purchase behaviors. Send personalized product recommendations from Chewy.

SEO Optimization

To make money with the Chewy Affiliate Program and earn $1000 per month, you need to do keyword research. Find simple words for pet products and care that people search for online. Then use these words in your content like product reviews and blog posts to get more visitors interested in pets.

To improve your website’s reputation, get backlinks from other popular pet-related websites. You can do this by guest posting, reaching out to other bloggers, or networking with fellow pet bloggers. This will help your website become more trustworthy in the pet niche.

Social Proof and Reviews

User Testimonials: Encourage audience testimonials to establish trust and credibility. By showcasing real feedback, you strengthen the bond with your audience and enhance confidence in Chewy’s products.

Product Comparisons: Create articles or videos comparing Chewy products to competitors. Include affiliate links to incentivize purchases and guide informed decisions while earning commissions through affiliate sales.

Seasonal and Holiday Promotions

To make money from Chewy’s Affiliate Program, you can create content related to holidays and the gifts for pet owners. This will get attention during peak shopping periods. Another method is to advertise Chewy’s sales and promotions to your audience by emphasizing time-limited discounts. Encouraging prompt action can boost engagement and conversions among your audience.

Social Responsibility

Pet Welfare Initiatives: Highlight Chewy’s commitment to pet welfare and rescue initiatives, showcasing their assistance to pet charities and shelters. This resonates with pet lovers, fostering support and engagement with Chewy’s mission.

Tracking and Analytics

Monitor Performance: Keep an eye on your affiliate dashboard and analytics to consistently monitor your performance. Identify effective strategies and make adjustments to improve results over time.

A/B Testing: Experiment with different content, titles, and calls to action to determine what resonates with your audience. Adjust your strategies based on what works well.


Looking to earn extra money? Chewy Affiliate Program can help. You can earn by promoting their pet products. It’s easy to join, whether you blog, use social media, or have your own website.

Chewy offers marketing tools and competitive commission rates. They are a trusted brand with many products, so it’s worth considering. Use content marketing, social media promotion, email marketing, SEO optimization, and other effective strategies to maximize your earnings. Start earning big in 2024 by joining the Chewy Affiliate Program today!

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