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Nike Affiliate Program: Worth Signing up? High Payouts in USA?

Nike Affiliate Program

If you’re looking to boost your revenue and monetize your online presence, the Nike Affiliate Program USA is the perfect opportunity.

As one of the leading brands in the sports and apparel industry, Nike offers a wide range of high-quality products that are highly sought after by consumers.

By becoming a Nike affiliate, you can earn commission on valid sales made through your affiliate links, allowing you to capitalize on the popularity of the brand and increase your earnings.

In this blog, we will explore everything you need to know about the Nike Affiliate Program and how you can get started today.

What Is the Nike Affiliate Program?

What Is the Nike Affiliate Program?

The Nike Affiliate Program is a program for people with online platforms, like websites, blogs and social media accounts. It allows them to earn money by promoting Nike products. As a Nike affiliate, you can promote apparel, shoes, accessories and equipment using your affiliate links. You will get a commission when someone buys something using your link. This program helps individuals make money by promoting one of the most well-known brands globally.

How to Get Started & approved with the Nike Affiliate Program?

To kick off your journey with the Nike Affiliate Program, follow these steps:

  1. To join Nike Affiliate Program in the USA, you need a website or YouTube channel. Ensure it’s active and approved. Your content should be high-quality and focused on written and photo content for your website, and videos for YouTube. Apply by visiting Nike Affiliate Program page. Use professional contact details with reachable phone number. Your website or channel should have an easy payment portal.
  2. Nike is looking for serious affiliates. Demonstrate a plan to attract targeted traffic. Visit Nike’s affiliate page and click “apply” to redirect to the suitable affiliate merchant for your location.

Where can I join the Nike Affiliate Marketing Program?

Nike’s affiliate program is easy to join. Rather than having its own program, Nike directs you to an affiliate network called AWIN. Applying for the program involves creating an account with your business and personal information.

After that, you choose the type of promotion and where you want to promote Nike’s products. Once you give some verification info and get approved, you can start promoting Nike’s cool products!

Who Can Join the Nike Affiliate Program?

If you have an online presence, you can apply, including marketers, bloggers, and influencers. You can apply to become a Nike affiliate partner if you have a website, blog or significant social media following.

Keep in mind, driving traffic to your links and having a strong online presence are essential factors for acceptance. By being a Nike affiliate partner, you can earn commission on valid sales of their products, helping you make money from your platform.

How To Promote The Nike Affiliate Program?

If you’d like to promote the Nike Affiliate Program, there are a few ways to do so. This will help Nike expand the program, which will benefit its members in the future.

Your Own Website

If you are talking about Nike products on your website, you can earn more trust from your audience by signing up for the Nike Affiliate Program USA. You can write a post or blog about the program to inform your readers that you are part of it and highlight its benefits. You can also share the perks of the program with your users and show them that you use the products that you talk about on your site.

Social Media

If you’ve got friends on social media, it could be cool to tell them about the program. Lots of folks check out social media folks for new brands and cool stuff. So, if you share the program on your social media, you’re helping it get bigger and better.

What Products can you Promote with the Nike Affiliate Program?

As a Nike affiliate, you get to advertise a wide range of things.

Plus, you can customize them to fit your website, blog, or business just the way you want!


Nike has a bunch of different clothes, from comfy everyday wear to sports gear. You can find things like T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, sweaters, socks, and running gear.

They’ve got a wide variety, covering everything from casual clothes to sporty outfits for running, basketball, skateboarding, soccer, and more.


Nike has more than just clothes. They have many athletic shoes that are perfect for buying or promoting. Their shoe styles include running shoes, slides, basketball kicks, and sneakers. They even collaborate with famous people and other brands for special shoes like Nike Air Jordan, Nike Air Huarache, Nike Air Max, Nike SB, and Nike Slides. You have many choices to pick from.


You also get to showcase lots of different accessories as a Nike affiliate. They make stuff for sports and everyday use. Think hats, headbands, and hijabs, along with backpacks, totes, waist-packs, gloves, and water bottles. Whatever accessory you’re into, chances are Nike has got just the thing for you!


Nike is a sports brand with gear for various activities like running, basketball, and yoga. They have yoga equipment, protective gear, jump ropes, and sports balls you can promote on your website.

If you’re about clothes, sports, shoes or accessories, consider signing up for their affiliate program!

The Nike Affiliate Program Details and Commission Rates

Many sports bloggers like the Nike affiliate program because it gives good commission rates and keeps cookies active for a decent amount of time.

Program Categories:

  • Golf
  • Shoes
  • Sports

Commission Rate:

  • up to 11% Per Sale

Cookie Duration:

  • 7 Days

How to Make $1000 per Month as a Nike Affiliate?

Making $1000 per month as a Nike affiliate is all about bringing in customers and earning commissions.

Here’s a simple breakdown:

  1. Commission Calculation: Nike offers up to 11% commission on a $50 product. So, for each sale, you make a $5.50 profit.
  2. Target Sales and Visitors: To reach $1000 in commission, you aim for 182 sales in a month.
  3. Visitor Calculation: If your website or YouTube channel has a 1% conversion rate, you’d need 18,200 visitors in a month. 18,200 visitors x 1% conversion rate = 182 sales x $5.50 commission per sale = $1001.00
  4. Alternative with Higher Conversion Rate: If you have a 2% conversion rate, you’d need only 9100 visitors. 9100 visitors x 2% conversion rate = 182 sales x $5.50 commission per sale = $1001.00

Remember, these numbers can shift based on various factors:

  • The product’s cost.
  • The commission rate.
  • Your website’s or channel’s visitor count.
  • Your conversion rate.

Nike Affiliate Program USA is worth signing up for. To reach your $1000 monthly goal, you need to balance product cost, conversion rate, and the number of visitors you can attract. A higher-priced product requires fewer sales, but might have a lower conversion rate. A lower-priced product requires more sales but might have a higher conversion rate.

How does the Nike Affiliate Marketing Program Work?

How does the Nike Affiliate Marketing Program Work?

Alright, so the Nike Affiliate Marketing Program is pretty straightforward.

Firstly, it involves Nike paying eligible websites for promoting their products. Usually, this promotion happens through ads or banners on the affiliate’s website.

Now, here’s the thing: Nike doesn’t run its own affiliate program directly. Instead, you need to sign up with third-party programs that work with Nike.

Once you’ve signed up and you start bringing in sales through the Nike product ads on your site, Nike then pays you a commission as compensation.

So, the more people you guide to buy Nike stuff through your ads, the more commission you earn. That’s the basic deal with the Nike Affiliate Marketing Program.

Nike Commissions & Payouts

Here are the key details on Nike’s affiliate program commissions and payouts:

Multi Level Marketing

Nike does not offer a multi-level marketing structure. It is a single-tier affiliate program where you simply earn commissions on sales generated through your affiliate links. There is no recruiting of team members or complex commission layers.

Commission Rate

Nike on an average pays between 5-8% commission rates on qualifying sales. The exact percentage depends on the product category. Higher ticket items like shoes and apparel tend to pay out at 7-8% typically.

Commission Structure

Nike pays commissions on a per-sale basis. Each time someone clicks your affiliate link and completes a purchase, you earn a percentage of that order value. There are no recurring commissions or residuals.

Payout Frequency

Nike pays affiliate commissions on a monthly basis. They tally up all your earned commissions for the month and send payment approximately 6-8 weeks after the end of each calendar month.

Payout Methods

Nike offers PayPal and check payout methods. You must reach the $50 minimum to get paid by check though. PayPal has no minimum.

Minimum Payout

The minimum payout to receive your affiliate earnings is $50. You can accumulate earnings over multiple months until you hit the $50 threshold if needed. For PayPal, there is no minimum.

Nike Affiliate Program Campaigns

Here are the key details on Nike’s affiliate program campaigns:

Promotional Materials

Nike provides basic text links and banner ads, but no advanced product feeds or rich media. You’ll need to create reviews, comparison posts, and other custom content to promote their products effectively.

Affiliate Cookie Duration

Nike offers a 7-day cookie duration. This means you get credit for a sale for 7 days after a visitor clicks your affiliate link. This is a decent length to capture commissions.

Accepted Traffic Source

Nike accepts direct navigation, email marketing, organic search, social media, and display advertising. No incentivized or forced clicks are allowed. Content must be original.

Accepted Countries

Nike accepts affiliate sites from the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. Other countries may be approved on request.

Explicit Content

Nike does not allow its brand and products to be promoted alongside explicit, violent, illegal, or offensive content. Your site should be family-friendly.

Religious or Political Content

Nike prefers sites that do not contain strong religious or political messaging. Your content should have general mainstream appeal.

Is Nike’s Affiliate Program Worth It?

Nike’s affiliate program can be worthwhile for bloggers or influencers who frequently write about sports, fitness, and athletic gear. You earn a commission when someone clicks your Nike link and buys something. However, the commission rates are low, around 5-8% on an average.

So you need a high-traffic site to make decent money. Overall, it may be worth joining if your audience aligns with Nike’s products.


Here are some pros of Nike’s affiliate program:

  1. Global, well-known brand – Nike is one of the most recognizable brands in athletics and fitness, so it has broad appeal.
  2. High-quality products – Nike is known for making high-performance shoes, apparel and gear for athletes. As an affiliate, you’re promoting premium products.
  3. Generous cookie duration – Nike offers a 7-day cookie duration on their affiliate links, which is better than many affiliates.
  4. Low minimum payout – You can get paid out with as little as $50 in earnings, making it accessible to small sites.
  5. Large product selection – As a massive company, Nike has a huge catalog of products spanning many sports and activities to choose from. Lots of options for your audience.


Here are some potential downsides of Nike’s affiliate program:

  1. Low commission rates – Nike pays between 5-8% for apparel and shoes on an average. This is lower than many affiliate programs.
  2. High competition – As a popular brand, Nike has lots of affiliate competition. You’ll need a niche site or good SEO to stand out.
  3. Cookie restrictions – Nike’s cookies don’t track across devices. This makes it harder to get credit for sales.
  4. Limited promotional materials – Nike doesn’t offer much in terms of banners, text links, etc to promote their products. You have to be creative.
  5. Strict trademark rules – Nike is very protective of its trademarks and branding. You need to follow their guidelines closely when using their name.
  6. Slow payments – Nike pays out commissions 6-8 weeks after the end of each month. There’s a delay in getting your earnings.

Tips for Earning the Most Commissions from Your Affiliate Website

Maximize commissions from Nike’s affiliate program by following these tips:

  1. Promote high-ticket items like shoes, jerseys, and equipment that have 30-50% margins. Promote new releases and best-sellers.
  2. Create targeted content and reviews around specific products. Use search and SEO to rank for keywords like “best Nike running shoes.”
  3. Capture organic traffic and build an email list. Promote special deals through newsletters.
  4. Post affiliate links on social media when highlighting new arrivals or popular products.
  5. Create comparison posts like “Nike vs. Adidas cleats.” Utilize display banners and text links prominently on site.
  6. Publish DEALS content around holidays and events. Be patient. It takes time to see sales.

What is the Best Alternative to the Nike Affiliate Program?

I’ve got some info on other cool programs you might like if you’re into Fashion, Fitness, or Beauty. Check them out!

  1. Gucci Affiliate Program: Gucci is a luxury fashion brand offering high-end clothing, accessories and more. Their affiliate program provides attractive commissions on sales. I’ve written more details about the Gucci Affiliate Program and how to join in my article.
  2. Mango Affiliate Program: Mango is a popular fast fashion brand selling trendy women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing. Their Mango Affiliate Program offers competitive rates and I break things down further in my article.
  3. Zara Affiliate Program: Zara is one of the largest fast fashion brands globally. Their affiliate program provides a 4% commission rate on sales which is on the lower end but expected given the massive brand recognition. Zara’s stylish, inexpensive clothing and accessories still present nice earning potential for fashion bloggers and influencers. I have a full review of their program’s pros, cons, commission details and more in my article on Zara Affiliate Program.
  4. H&M Affiliate Program: H&M is another fast fashion retailer providing stylish, affordable clothes and accessories. As an affiliate you can earn commission referring customers. Check out my article on H&M Affiliate Program.
  5. Puma Affiliate Program: Puma specializes in athletic/casual wear, shoes and accessories. I break down their decent commission structure and other details in my article on Puma Affiliate Program.
  6. Adidas Affiliate Program: Similar to Nike and Puma, Adidas focuses on sports/athletic wear and has an appealing affiliate program. Check out my post on Adidas Affiliate Program to learn more about it.
  7. Shein Affiliate Program: Shein is an online fast fashion retailer selling very affordable women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing and accessories. Their affiliate program offers competitive commission rates that I explain more in my article on Shein Affiliate Program.
  8. Temu Affiliate Program: Temu is a newer e-commerce site selling discounted products across categories. Their affiliate program is still relatively new but offers nice potential commissions detailed in my article on Temu Affiliate Program.
  9. Chewy Affiliate Program: Chewy is the leading online pet supplies retailer. Their program provides good earning potential for pet enthusiasts that I break down in my post on Chewy Affiliate Program.
  10. Lego Affiliate Program: The Lego brand offers an affiliate program with commissions on their popular children’s building block sets and more. Check out my article on Lego Affiliate Program for specifics.
  11. Home Depot Affiliate Program: Home Depot operates an affiliate program providing commissions when referring customers to their online store or brick-and-mortar locations for home improvement supplies and materials. As one of the largest home improvement retailers, there is great earning potential. I break things down further including exact commission rates and how to join in my article on Home Depot Affiliate Program.


Does Nike have an influencer program?

Yes, Nike does have an influencer program. The Nike Affiliate Program allows influencers and athletes with a social media presence to earn commissions by promoting Nike products and linking to Influencers must apply and be approved to join the program.

Is the Nike Affiliate Program Legit?

Nike Affiliate Program in the USA is a real deal for affiliate marketing.

Joining the program means you can earn commission on sales made through your affiliate links. Nike provides tools, materials, and reports to track your performance and calculate your earnings accurately.

By following their rules, you can establish a successful partnership with Nike and make money from the program.

Can I join the Nike Affiliate Program if I don’t have a website?

If you don’t have a website, you can’t join Nike’s affiliate program. They want an active site or blog with original content and visitors.

Social media accounts aren’t enough; Nike only considers people with websites. It doesn’t need to be huge, just related to what you’re promoting.

To become a part of Nike’s affiliate program and share their products, having your own website is necessary. Social media won’t work.

How do I Find my Nike Affiliate Link?

To get your Nike affiliate link, go to Nike’s affiliate page, click “Apply Now,” and you’ll be directed to AWIN, an affiliate network.

Alternatively, you can apply through the CJ Affiliate page. Nike reviews applications based on your website’s traffic, content quality, aesthetics, audience fit, and alignment with the Nike brand.

If accepted, you can access Nike’s links and banners for your website and earn up to an 11% commission on valid sales.

Can I become a Nike Affiliate from any Location?

Yes, the Nike Affiliate Program is open to individuals from various locations. As long as you meet the program’s requirements and have a strong online presence, you can apply to become a Nike affiliate partner, regardless of your geographic location. The program offers global accessibility, allowing affiliate marketers from all over the world to join and monetize their online platforms.

Is the Nike Affiliate Program USA only?

No, the Nike affiliate program is not limited to the USA only. It is open to affiliate marketers from various countries, allowing individuals from around the world to join the program and promote Nike products. Whether you’re based in the USA, Europe, Asia, or any other location, you can apply to become a Nike affiliate partner and earn commission on valid sales of Nike products.

Can I Promote Nike Products on Social Media Platforms?

Nike Affiliate Program in the USA is a great way to earn money. You can promote Nike products on social media and earn up to 11% commission on valid sales. If accepted, you can use Nike’s links and banners. You can share Nike products on social media and YouTube using affiliate links to direct traffic to your site.

Can I Promote Nike Products on Websites or Platforms with Adult Content?

Nike has strict guidelines for affiliates who promote their products. You cannot market Nike products with explicit or illegal content. Your website must be family-friendly to comply with their program. If you promote Nike on adult sites, you risk removal from their program.

Can I use Nike’s Trademarked terms in my Domain Name or Social Media Handles?

Nike is very protective of their trademarks. You can’t use “Just Do It” or the Nike logo in your domain names or social media handles. If you violate this, you can be removed from the affiliate program. Your domain and handles should be unique without any Nike branding, slogans, or logos. It’s best to avoid their trademarks completely on your website, account names, and promotional materials.

Does Nike offer Affiliate Training or Support Materials?

Nike does not offer much in the way of direct training or support materials for affiliates. They provide basic text links and banners but no product data feeds or advanced assets. You will need to rely on your affiliate network for guidance and otherwise create custom content to effectively promote Nike products. Developing expertise around Nike’s products and promotions is key to success as an affiliate.

Can I Promote Nike Products through Email Marketing?

Yes, you can promote Nike products through email marketing as long as you follow the rules. Make sure your email list is legit, no spamming. Be honest in your messages, avoid making false claims, and include any needed disclosures about your affiliate links. Use images of Nike products the right way, linking them to your affiliate-coded URLs. Just keep it transparent and follow the guidelines when you’re promoting Nike through email.

What are the requirements to join the Nike affiliate program in the USA?

Here are the basic requirements to join Nike’s affiliate program in the USA:

  1. Your website must be based in the United States and targeted towards a US audience.
  2. Your site’s content should align with Nike’s brand and products (sports, fitness, athletic apparel, etc).
  3. You need to have an established site with decent traffic and engagement to get approved.
  4. Nike reviews each application and accepts affiliates on a case-by-case basis.

Are there any restrictions for promoting Nike products as an affiliate?

Yes, there are some restrictions to be aware of when promoting Nike products as an affiliate:

  1. You cannot use trademarked terms like “Just Do It” or the Nike logo without permission.
  2. No false or misleading claims about Nike products allowed. Must be truthful.
  3. Cannot bid on branded keywords like “Nike shoes” in search engines.
  4. Links must connect directly to Nike site, not redirect elsewhere.
  5. Cannot promote explicit, illegal, or controversial content alongside Nike.
  6. Must comply with Nike’s guidelines for image use, sales messaging, etc.
  7. No manipulating commissions through cookie stuffing or forced clicks.

Nike has fair policies to protect its brand image. Affiliates must comply with usage guidelines and promote Nike ethically and legally. Restrictions are typical for big brands, but the program is worth signing up for.


In conclusion, you can earn more by promoting Nike products through their Affiliate Program. There are various products, like clothes, shoes and accessories to choose from for your audience.

The program has excellent rates and a marketing structure that rewards you for successful referrals.

For maximum earnings, Nike provides a generous cookie duration and promotional materials.

Although there are some requirements to join the program, it’s worth considering if you want to make money from your site or social media accounts.

Take a look at our FAQ section if you have any queries.

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