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Is Social Sales Rep Legit? Unveiling the Truth

Is Social Sales Rep Legit?

With the rise of remote work and the gig economy, platforms promising flexible job opportunities and income streams have become increasingly prevalent.

One such platform, Social Sales Rep, has gained attention for its claims of providing live chat training, social media selling opportunities, and access to a wide range of remote job listings.

However, many individuals are left wondering – is Social Sales Rep legit, or is it just another scam preying on the desperation of job seekers and those looking to earn extra income?

What is a Social Sales Rep?

What is a Social Sales Rep?

In the realm of online opportunities, Social Sale Rep stands out as a distinctive platform that combines live chat training with an extensive jobs database. If you’ve come across this platform, you might have encountered claims of earning a substantial income ranging from $25 to $35 per hour by engaging with social media. However, it’s important to dispel any misconceptions and delve into the genuine offerings of Social sales rep.

At first glance, it’s easy to assume that Social Sale Rep directly links job seekers to high-paying positions. Such an assumption could lead to the belief that the platform operates as a job placement agency, matching individuals with their ideal jobs. However, the reality is more nuanced.

Social Sale Rep is not a comprehensive solution for securing employment. Instead, it serves as a versatile platform encompassing two distinct components: live chat training and an extensive jobs database from various job sites. While it does present the opportunity to earn between $25 and $35 per hour, it’s important to recognize that these positions require an application process, much like traditional jobs. Similar to any conventional job application, you’ll need to submit resumes, and cover letters, and potentially engage in interviews.

Crucially, despite the platform’s name “social sales rep,” its primary focus does not revolve around social media exclusively. Instead, its main emphasis lies in the role of a live chat assistant. The provided training does not encompass strategies for earning through social media or general sales techniques. A social sale rep platform, such as Social Sale Rep, delves into the domain of live chat support, primarily involving assisting customers with their inquiries rather than driving sales.

Is Social Sales Rep Legit?

Now that we have a basic understanding of what Social Sale Rep is, the question arises: Is it a legitimate opportunity or just another scam? To answer this question, let’s delve into user reviews, the official website, and the experiences of job seekers who have tried the platform.

Social Sales Rep is a sketchy operation that exists solely to extract money from innocent people by misleading them. They provide no real value, training or actual job opportunities despite their claims. Steer clear of this one, my friend.

Don’t get suckered in like we initially did. It’s a pure scam through and through.

Look, I’ve got to be honest with you about this Social Sales Rep thing. After signing up and paying that initial $1 fee, it’s clear that this whole operation is a total scam.

The so-called “training” they provide is nothing but fluff and meaningless filler content. It’s obvious their real goal is to try and get you to purchase more of their overpriced products. They hook you in with that cheap sign-up fee, but then it’s just an endless upsell fest.

Even the job “opportunities” they send to your email are completely fake. We went through the trouble of actually signing up and paying with our own money, just to verify. After investigating some of the job listings they sent, it’s evident that these aren’t real, legitimate job openings at all.

They’re just dangling this carrot of “work from home jobs” to string people along and convince them to keep buying into their scammy system. But the jobs themselves don’t even exist! It’s all smoke and mirrors.

How Does Social Sale Rep Work?

How Does Social Sale Rep Work?

Social Sales Rep lures people in with claims of providing live chat training and access to a database of legitimate remote job opportunities. However, their true intentions are far more nefarious.

The live chat “training” they offer is nothing more than worthless fluff content designed to waste your time. It provides no real skills or value. The entire purpose is just to string you along and set you up for their next upsell attempt.

Instead of legitimate job listings, their so-called “job database” is filled with fake, non-existent opportunities. These phantom jobs are used as bait to convince unsuspecting victims that there’s income potential, when in reality, there are no actual jobs available through their platform.

The affiliate marketing and social media gigs they push are equally disingenuous. The eBooks and materials they provide are low-quality and ineffective for earning any real income from affiliate sales. As for the social media tasks, these are likely make-work schemes that pay pennies on the dollar, if anything at all.

At its core, Social Sales Rep is a scam operation designed to extract money from people through deceptive practices. The training is useless, the jobs are fake, and any income opportunities are either enormously exaggerated or complete fabrications.

Rather than providing a legitimate path to remote work, Social Sales Rep employs misleading tactics purely to sell more of their overpriced, underdelivering products.

How can one make Money with Social Sale Rep?

How can one make Money with Social Sale Rep?

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Based on the information you initially provided that Social Sales Rep is a scam, here’s a modified take on how someone could theoretically make money with them:

The reality is, there are no legitimate ways to actually earn money through Social Sales Rep’s offerings. Their entire business model seems to be built on deception and empty promises.

The live chat assistant jobs they dangle are likely non-existent. Even if some roles were real, the training they provide is utterly useless fluff, leaving you unprepared to handle any actual customer support work. You’d essentially be wasting your time for no pay.

As for the social sales representative roles, these appear to be thinly-veiled pyramid schemes or questionable affiliate marketing setups. Promoting their dubious products through social media may allow you to earn some pennies in commissions, if you’re lucky. But more likely, it’s just free labor benefitting them while you see little to no financial gain.

Any claims of making substantial income through live chat, sales, or their so-called “training” should be taken with a massive grain of salt. Real users have reported being unable to verify any of the job opportunities or income potential advertised.

The inescapable truth seems to be that Social Sales Rep creates an illusion of remote income streams, when in actuality, their core purpose is getting people to purchase their likely overpriced and underdelivering products and services.

If you do sign up, be extremely wary of any up-sells, upsells, or pressure to continue paying for more of their offerings. Based on the information provided, earning any real, sustainable income through this company’s programs appears to be highly unlikely. Tread very carefully.

How to Land a Job With the Help of Social Rep?

Unfortunately, attempting to secure legitimate employment opportunities through Social Sales Rep appears to be an exercise in futility. Their claims of providing access to a database of real remote jobs seem highly dubious at best.

Many people have reported that the supposed “job listings” in their database turn out to be completely fraudulent upon investigation. These phantom jobs don’t actually exist and appear to just be bait to string people along in their scam.

As for their guidance on leveraging social media for job seeking, this also rings extremely hollow. Any advice they provide is likely geared towards getting people to promote Social Sales Rep’s own questionable products/services through their personal networks, rather than genuinely helping them land real jobs.

The inescapable reality is that Social Sales Rep does not seem to be operating an legitimate job platform at all. Their primary aim appears to be selling people on various money-making schemes and overpriced packages under false pretenses.

Instead of wasting time fruitlessly combing through their likely fake job database, job seekers would be much better served looking on established, reputable job boards and tapping into their professional networks through websites like LinkedIn. For those seeking roles in specific industries like SaaS, working with a company like vh-info that has real job connections would be a far more fruitful approach.

While Social Sales Rep dresses up their operation as a pathway to remote income opportunities, all signs point to this being a scam that cannot actually deliver on helping people secure real, legitimate employment. Proceed with extreme caution.

Should You Consider Joining Social Sale Rep?

No, you should not consider joining Social Sales Rep. It appears to be a complete scam that will waste your time and money. Their training is useless, job listings are fake, and they aggressively try to sell overpriced junk. Steer clear to avoid being ripped off. There are much better legitimate options out there.


In conclusion, the evidence surrounding Social Sales Rep’s operations raises significant red flags and casts doubt on the legitimacy of their offerings.

From useless training materials to unverified job listings and persistent upselling tactics, the platform appears to be more focused on extracting money from unsuspecting individuals rather than providing genuine value.

While the allure of remote work and additional income streams is undeniable, it is crucial to exercise caution and thoroughly research any platform before committing time and resources.

Reputable job boards, professional networks, and established training programs may offer more reliable pathways to achieving your career and financial goals without the risks associated with potentially deceptive schemes.

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