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Best Email Finding Tools 2024

Best Email Finding Tools

Welcome to the world of email-finding tools! In this digital age, finding email addresses has become an essential part of business communication and outreach.

Whether you’re a sales professional looking to connect with potential customers or a marketer aiming to reach a wider audience, having access to accurate and up-to-date email addresses is crucial.

Fortunately, there are numerous email finder tools available in 2024 to help you streamline your email search process. These tools utilize advanced algorithms and data points to deliver reliable results, saving you time and effort.

In this blog, we will explore the top email finder tools for 2024, their features, and how they can benefit your business.

Best Email Finding Tools in 2024, a versatile powerhouse in email marketing and lead generation tools, is tailored to the diverse needs of businesses in 2024. Its multifaceted capabilities, including email finding, verification, and cold email campaigns, are designed to streamline your workflow and boost your productivity.

The intuitive email finder extension and LinkedIn Extension make email sourcing a breeze, while the comprehensive sales tools and email warm-up feature ensure efficient lead generation and optimal deliverability and engagement rates, respectively.


  • Robust email finding and verification capabilities
  • Seamless integration with LinkedIn for enhanced prospecting
  • Comprehensive sales tools for lead generation and nurturing
  • Email warm-up feature to optimize deliverability


  • Pricing tiers may not be suitable for all budgets
  • Interface complexity may pose a learning curve for some users



Clearout is a one-stop solution for businesses to discover ideal customers, and drive sustainable growth through enriched prospecting, email validation, and deliverability services.

It helps find B2B emails, LinkedIn leads, verify emails at capture, and bulk email list verification.

Key features include accurate results, cost-effectiveness, quick turnaround, guaranteed deliverability, and data security through encryption, retention policies, and compliance.

Clearout is a valuable tool for email marketers looking to streamline their email verification process and ensure the accuracy of their email lists.


  1. Accurate email finding (98%+)
  2. Cost-effective pricing
  3. Fast turnaround time
  4. Guaranteed deliverability
  5. Encrypted data security
  6. Flexible data retention
  7. GDPR, SOC 2, ISO compliant


  1. Mainly focused on B2B prospecting
  2. No free trial, only free credits
  3. Email finder limited to certain countries
  4. Potential privacy concerns with bulk data collection



Kaspr provides accurate B2B contact data with a database of 500M+ emails and phone numbers.

Key features include a Chrome extension, CRM integrations, task management, email and dialing, unlimited emails, LinkedIn integration, and real-time verified data.

Pricing ranges from free forever to £85/user/month for large organizations. Volume discounts available.

Trusted by 50K+ companies globally, Kaspr is built for individual contributors and SMBs to find prospects and close deals faster. Focus is on easy and accurate data you can instantly use in your workflow.


  1. Fast, accurate contact data
  2. Chrome extension for easy prospecting
  3. Unlimited free B2B emails
  4. CRM and sales integrations
  5. LinkedIn integration
  6. Real-time data verification
  7. Free forever plan available
  8. Volume discounts for teams


  1. Limited capabilities on free plan
  2. Pay per use for some features
  3. No annual commitment pricing
  4. Unclear on data sources
  5. Mainly focused on contact data
  6. Potentially invasive data practices
  7. Limited transparency



UpLead offers accurate B2B prospecting to build targeted lists and connect with qualified leads.

It provides 50+ search filters, real-time email verification, data enrichment, bulk lookups, email finding, integrations, technographics, and intent data.

Pricing ranges from a free trial to $199/month for 400 credits on the Plus plan, with customized enterprise options. UpLead guarantees 95%+ accuracy and is the top rated lead intelligence software on G2.

Trusted by over 4,000 customers globally, UpLead focuses on high quality data you can instantly integrate into your sales workflow.


  1. 95%+ guaranteed data accuracy
  2. 50+ search filters to find qualified leads
  3. Real-time email verification
  4. Data enrichment and bulk lookups
  5. Intent data on buyers ready to purchase
  6. Integrates with CRMs and sales tools
  7. Free trial available
  8. Top rated on G2 for lead intelligence


  1. Monthly credit model can get expensive
  2. Limited capabilities on free plan
  3. No annual commitment discounts
  4. Custom pricing not published
  5. Data sources are unclear
  6. Mainly focused on contact data



Clearbit is a B2B data platform that enriches records, scores and routes leads instantly, and reveals visitor intent. It gathers public, proprietary, and AI-generated data into precise, standardized data sets for leads, contacts, and accounts.

Key features include global coverage, lead scoring and routing, granular industry data, corporate hierarchies, normalized roles, and revealing anonymous website visitor intent.

Pricing includes flexible customized plans. Clearbit is the first HubSpot native data provider and powers data for many top B2B teams and enterprises.


  1. Precise, standardized B2B data
  2. Lead scoring and routing
  3. Reveals anonymous visitor intent
  4. Flexible customized plans
  5. Global coverage
  6. Granular industry categorization
  7. Normalized roles and seniority


  1. No self-service plans
  2. Must contact sales
  3. Not much detail on sources
  4. Limited free offering
  5. Unclear on minimums
  6. Potentially invasive data practices



AeroLeads is a software platform that provides sales and marketing teams with extensive databases of B2B contact data to enable more efficient prospecting and outreach campaigns.

With over 750 million verified business emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, and other information in its databases, AeroLeads aims to be a one-stop shop for finding and qualifying sales leads.

Its core features include real-time email verification, Chrome extensions for finding emails from LinkedIn, bulk contact data exports/imports, and tools for launching email outreach campaigns.

While focused primarily on supporting high-volume outbound sales tactics, AeroLeads does offer handy integrations with major CRMs and marketing platforms to streamline workflows.

The service is subscription-based with pricing tiers based on volume of contacts and data access required.


  1. Large database of 750M+ business and consumer contacts for lead prospecting.
  2. Real-time email verification to ensure accuracy and quality of data.
  3. Chrome extension allows easy email finding from LinkedIn profiles.
  4. Integrations with major CRMs like Zoho and Hubspot for workflow.
  5. Provides email outreach and campaign tools for swift prospecting.
  6. Guarantees a minimum number of valid emails and contacts at each pricing tier.
  7. Offers free trial with no credit card required to test it out.


  1. Database access requires monthly subscription fee that can get expensive.
  2. Contacts need further sales qualification, not guaranteed leads.
  3. Data sources are somewhat vague, lacks transparency.
  4. Privacy issues around collecting and reselling public professional contact data.
  5. Outbound focused features, more limited for inbound marketing.
  6. As a young startup, financial stability and roadmap uncertain.
  7. Could become over-reliant on third-party data platform.


Hunter is an all-in-one email outreach platform used by over 4 million users to find and connect with prospects in seconds.

It offers domain searches, cold email campaigns with tracking and metrics, and integrations with Google Sheets, CRMs, and APIs.

Key features include AI-powered contact finding, campaign personalization and reporting, compliance, and flexible plans from free to custom enterprise.

Pricing starts at $34/month annually for 5k searches and 1k verifications. There are unlimited team seats and support levels by plan.


  1. Fast AI-powered contact finding
  2. Personalized cold email campaigns
  3. Google Sheets and CRM integrations
  4. Compliance and privacy focus
  5. Flexible and scalable plans
  6. Unlimited team members
  7. Volume discounts available


  1. Pay per use credit model
  2. Limited free plan
  3. No freemium trial period
  4. Extra costs for more emails and features
  5. No transparency on data sources
  6. Focus on email over other channels



LeadFuze provides an unlimited, automated B2B lead generation software to build targeted contact lists and sync to CRMs and outreach tools. It aggregates, matches, and verifies 500+ million people profiles in real-time.

Key features include hyper-targeted searches, complete automation, integrations, deduplication, and the highest accuracy and deliverability. Ideal for sales prospecting, recruiting, and marketing.

Pricing includes unlimited and scaling plans from $147/month for 500 monthly credits, with custom options available. There’s also an API coming soon for direct database access and enrichment. LeadFuze is a leading data intelligence solution since 2014.


  1. Unlimited, automated lead generation
  2. 500+ million verified profiles
  3. Targeted searches for sales and recruiting
  4. Automations and workflows
  5. Deduplication and deliverability
  6. API access coming soon
  7. Custom pricing available
  8. Leading solution since 2014


  1. Requires monthly commitment
  2. Limited free trial
  3. Scaling plan has credit limits
  4. Sales-focused features lacking
  5. No clarity on data sources
  6. Potentially invasive data practices



Apollo isn’t just about finding emails – it’s a whole package for sales, automation, and marketing. Its smart email finder makes finding accurate email addresses easy.

To find emails with Apollo, use the Searcher tool. Just go to “Search” at the top, then use the filters on the left to narrow down your search. With over 200 data options, you can search based on things like a person’s name, company, job title, and more.

If you know the person’s name, just type it in, and Apollo will find the email address for you. It’s simple and helps you focus on connecting with people instead of searching. is an end-to-end sales platform used by over 1 million sales professionals to prospect, engage, and close more deals.

Key features include a database of 275M+ leads, lead scoring, sales intelligence, multi-channel sales engagement and automation, conversation intelligence, deal analytics, and data enrichment.

Pricing ranges from free to $149/user/month for organizations, with unlimited email credits and volume discounts.

Apollo is the fastest growing and most loved sales technology, named a leader in sales intelligence, engagement, and account intelligence on G2.


  1. 275M lead database
  2. Lead scoring and sales intelligence
  3. Multi-channel sales automation
  4. Conversation intelligence
  5. Data enrichment to CRMs
  6. Free plan available
  7. Volume discounts
  8. High user satisfaction


  1. Can get expensive for mid-size teams
  2. Limited functionality on free plan
  3. Pay per use for some features
  4. Mostly focused on outreach
  5. Mixed reviews on data accuracy
  6. Privacy concerns around massive data collection



Datanyze provides affordable, accurate B2B contact data to find and connect with sales prospects in minutes.

The Chrome extension grabs email addresses, direct dials, and mobile numbers from LinkedIn and websites.

Key features include 63M direct dials, 84M emails, 120M people profiles, top leads by industry, market share reports, and ethical data practices.

Pricing starts at free for 10 monthly credits, up to $55/month for 1,920 yearly credits. Datanyze focuses on availability, bulk exporting, and seamless prospecting to keep sales pipelines full.


  1. Affordable, accurate contact data
  2. Chrome extension for easy exporting
  3. 63M direct dials and 84M emails
  4. Leads from top companies by industry
  5. Market share reports on key technologies
  6. Commitment to ethical data practices
  7. Free basic plan available
  8. Bulk and individual prospecting


  1. Limited capabilities on free plan
  2. No annual commitment pricing
  3. Have to pay per credit used
  4. Details on sources lacking
  5. Mainly US-focused
  6. Potentially invasive data practices
  7. Mixed reviews on deliverability



RocketReach is the leading Professional Contact Search platform that is trusted by over 16 million users and 95% of the S&P 500.

RocketReach provides professional contact data to find B2B prospects with a database of 700M profiles and 60M companies.

Key features include verified emails with 90-98% deliverability, automated prospect list building, intent data, AI recommendations, CRM integrations, browser extensions, and API access.

Pricing starts at ₹3,237/month billed annually for unlimited personal and work emails. Volume discounts available.

Trusted by over 18M users worldwide, RocketReach focuses on accurate data seamlessly integrated into any workflow.


  1. Global email and phone data
  2. 90-98% deliverable verified emails
  3. Automated and customizable prospect lists
  4. Intent data on active buyers
  5. AI recommendations for new prospects
  6. CRM integrations and API access
  7. Free trial available
  8. Volume discounts for teams


  1. Limited capabilities on free trial
  2. Pay per use model after free lookups
  3. Few details on data sources provided
  4. Mainly focused on contact data
  5. Potentially invasive data practices
  6. Unclear minimums for enterprise plan
  7. Mixed reviews on overall accuracy

How Accurate are Email Finders?

Email finders can be pretty accurate if they’re getting email addresses from reliable sources like updated databases. But since email addresses can change a lot, sometimes the results can be wrong or outdated. If an email finder only looks at old websites, it might give you email addresses that don’t work anymore.

Some finders can check if an email address is valid to make sure your emails actually get delivered. Additionally, with access to social media profiles and other publicly available information, the top email finder software, such as Find That Email, can provide additional insights into your contacts, including the person’s name, allowing for enhanced outreach personalization and more accurate results.

How to choose the Right Email Finder Tool for your Business?

In today’s tech-savvy world, emails remain a cornerstone of professional communication, and choosing the right email finder tool for your business can significantly enhance your workflow.

Here’s a guide to help you make the best choice:

  1. Functionality and Ease of Use: Look for a tool with a user-friendly interface and versatile search options. It should allow you to find emails using various identifiers like names, company names, or social profiles. Bonus features like email tracking and automation can further boost productivity.
  2. Pricing: Consider your budget and the value offered by the tool. Some tools offer free versions or trials, while others come with a price tag. Choose one that fits your budget while fulfilling your essential requirements.
  3. Team Account and User Limitations: If you have a team, ensure the tool allows multiple users with minimal restrictions. Consider the frequency of usage and team size to select a tool that accommodates your needs.
  4. Reliability: Check user reviews and ratings to gauge the tool’s reliability. Email verification capability is crucial for ensuring the accuracy of your contact database, so prioritize tools with this feature.

By finding a tool that aligns with your business needs and offers the necessary features, you can streamline your workflow and maximize your return on investment. It’s all about striking the right balance between functionality, cost, and reliability to find the perfect email finder tool for your business.

What is the Best B2B Email Finder Tool?

Clearout stands out as an exceptional B2B email finder tool, renowned for its impressive accuracy. Leveraging a confidence scoring feature, it guarantees verified email addresses with an accuracy rate exceeding 98%. The tool is user-friendly, simplifying the process by requiring only the person’s name and company or domain for both individual and bulk searches.

Beyond its accuracy, Clearout offers an API for seamless and efficient instant or bulk searches, enriching data with additional valuable information. Although it doesn’t support direct email campaigns, its affordability and intuitive design make it adaptable for businesses of varying sizes.

Users can conveniently export results in Excel or .csv format, facilitating further analysis and application. Clearout’s commitment to accuracy, ease of use, and additional data enrichment capabilities solidify its position as a top choice for businesses seeking a reliable B2B email finder solution.

What is the Best Email Finder Tool that helps in Lead Generation?

When it comes to finding the best email finder tool for lead generation, it’s all about finding one that not only locates emails but also offers extra features to boost your lead generation efforts.

Look for a tool that not only finds emails but also verifies them in bulk, integrates with APIs for seamless data sharing, and can enrich your data by adding information directly to Google sheets.

Additionally, having the ability to launch email campaigns directly from the tool can be a game-changer for your lead generation strategy.

So, keep an eye out for these features when selecting the best email finder tool for your lead generation needs.

The Benefits of Using Email Finder Tools & Software

Email finder tools and software are advanced tools that help you find valid email addresses more easily. They offer many benefits to make the process faster and better.

Let’s explore some of the great things these top email finding tools can do for you.

  1. Time-Saver: Time is valuable, and good email finder tools help you save lots of it. Instead of spending hours searching for email addresses by hand, these tools do the hard work for you. Just a few clicks, and you’ve got the email address you need without all the guessing and dead-ends.
  2. Increase Productivity: Saving time means getting more done! With top email finding software, you can focus on important tasks instead of wasting time searching for emails. Spend your energy on writing great outreach messages, improving your marketing plans, or connecting with leads. When you’re more productive, you can tackle more projects and reach your goals quicker.
  3. Reach the Right People: In business and everyday life, success often depends on making good connections. Email finder tools make this easier by helping you find the right people to connect with. The best ones make sure you get accurate email addresses, so you can start important conversations quickly. With valid email addresses, you can pitch your products or services to the people who are most likely to be interested.
  4. Enhanced Outreach Personalization: The best email finder tools do more than just find email addresses – they give you extra details about your contacts too. By checking social media and other public info, you can learn more about the people you want to connect with. This helps you write emails that are personalized and meaningful, making them more likely to connect with your audience.
  5. Cost-Effective Marketing: Old-fashioned ways of marketing and finding leads can be expensive, like buying contact lists or paying people to find email addresses. But good email finder tools are a cheaper option. They save money by cutting down on the costs of finding leads and potential customers.
  6. Competitive Advantage: The top LinkedIn email extractor tools give you a big advantage by giving you accurate contact info quickly, beating your competition. This can make a big difference in different situations. You might be the first to reach out to clients, the fastest to respond to leads, or the best informed when reaching out to people.
  7. Global Reach: Email finder tools help you connect with people and businesses all over the world, no matter where you are. Whether you’re a small local business wanting to grow globally or a freelancer looking for clients from different countries, these tools open up a world of opportunities. With just a few clicks, you can reach out to potential partners, collaborators, or customers anywhere in the world.
  8. Easy Integration with Existing Tools: Many email finder tools work well with common email marketing software, CRM, and sales automation platforms, making your work easier. Whether you use tools like HubSpot, Salesforce, or Mailchimp, you can easily connect the best email finder tool to them. This saves you time and makes your outreach process smoother by keeping all your contact information in one place.


Which Email Finder is the Best?

The top choice for the best email finder overall is, known for its free plan and reasonable paid options, featuring accurate data, CRM integration, email campaign tools, and multi-user capabilities.

However, if you prioritize data accuracy, UpLead stands out, while FindEmails is renowned for its cost-effectiveness.

Is there a Free Email Finder?

Yes, there are several email finder tools offering free plans with limited features like searches, verifications, and data enrichment. You can start with these free plans to test the tool’s capabilities and upgrade to paid versions if they meet your requirements.

Some notable free email finder tools include Hunter, Seamless AI,, AeroLeads, Minelead, RocketReach, and ContactOut.

How do I Find an Accurate Email Address?

Finding an accurate email address is crucial for successful communication, especially in business.

To ensure accuracy, opt for an email finder tool with robust verification processes. These tools typically employ multi-step and multi-source verification methods to confirm the legitimacy of email addresses.

Verifying business emails is particularly essential before launching any cold email campaigns. It helps minimize the risk of bounced emails or getting your domain blacklisted, ensuring your communication efforts are effective and professional.

So, choose an email finder tool that prioritizes accuracy to streamline your outreach efforts.


In conclusion, choosing the right email finder tool for your business is crucial for successful lead generation and outreach. The accuracy of email finders can vary, so it’s important to do your research and select a tool that best fits your needs.

These tools provide numerous benefits, including saving time, increasing productivity, reaching the right people, enhancing outreach personalization, cost-effective marketing, gaining a competitive advantage, global reach, and easy integration with existing tools.

With the right email finder tool, you can streamline your email prospecting process and maximize your chances of connecting with potential customers.

So take the time to explore the options available and find the tool that works best for you.

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